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OC Science is a student-run, non-profit organization working to inspire and spread interest in science and engineering among youth in Orange County.


What are the Science Bowl Training Sessions?

The Science Bowl Training Sessions are a series of classes aimed at middle schoolers in which students will be taught a variety of subjects in order to prepare them for OC Science’s Science Bowl in April, including

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Earth Sciences

Each training session will cover a different subject, and will focus on the most difficult concepts of that subject. There will also be a practice round at the end of each session that models the actual Science Bowl hosted by OC Science in April. Students who participate in the Science Bowl Training Sessions will also be permitted to submit their solutions to Problems of the Month from all previous months without penalty if they have not done so already.

Participation in the Science Bowl Training Sessions does not guarantee participation in OC Science’s Science Bowl. Selection for Science Bowl participation is based purely on the cumulative score students have in the Problems of the Month.


Why should I participate?

Students who participate in the Science Bowl Training Sessions will gain a better understanding of the content that is covered in OC Science’s Science Bowl, enabling them to do better in the competition. The training sessions also improve students’ understanding of content that is on the Problems of the Month, giving students the edge they need to score well. Finally, participation in the training sessions guarantees that students will be allowed to make up Problems of the Month from past months without penalty if they did not submit solutions on time.


I’m interested! How can I participate?

Please click here to sign up. Thank you for your interest, and good luck!