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OC Science is a student-run, non-profit organization working to inspire and spread interest in science and engineering among youth in Orange County.

OC Science Night @ Woodsboro




Hundreds of people attended OC Science’s Science Night at Woodsboro Elementary School. Students, scientists, and volunteers all came together to learn and experiment with science in fun, interactive ways. Kids learned how to produce good science fair projects, participated in fun hands-on activities, and were able to ask scientists for help on their science fair ideas.





The students were able to attend five different events: Battery Basics, Strawberry DNA, Bridge Building, Lava Lamps, and Sense Perception. Each lab involved hands-on activities and taught students science in a creative, enjoyable manner. Event captains emphasized teamwork and out of the box thinking.



“These stations are about the power of collaboration,” said Bridge Building Captain Nathan Lin. “They get to use their creative abilities to build stuff.”




Captains also took steps to ensure that their stations were engaging and educational. At one station, captains told jokes and taught kids about polar and nonpolar molecules at the same time. At another station, captains told kids that the number one rule was to not eat the strawberry. The number two rule was to have fun.




Many captains believed that their stations were relatable. “Batteries are a part of everyone’s life,” said Battery Basics Captain Minh Thi. “By learning how to make their own batteries and seeing the results, they may become more interested in science.”


Students loved the event. Many said they enjoyed learning new things. Others enjoyed specific parts of their activities.



“I loved how the lava lamps suddenly changed color with the food coloring,” said Jeffrey. “It was really cool!”


Other students had different reasons for liking their labs.


“I liked smashing the strawberries,” said Preston. “The DNA was really cool.”




Another student said, “These bridges are cool. Even though they’re hard to make, it’s fun and I learned a lot.”


Overall, everyone enjoyed the event and learned a lot from it.

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